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Firehouse Family Ministries Marriage Ministry U.S. United We Stand FFM



US is a ministry that fortifies and enhances love, respect, communication and intimacy within marriages through dating and educating spouses in critical areas of relationship. US group date nights occur monthly and are hosted by alternating couples. Relationship skills are presented by a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and couples participate in problem-solving discussions in the relaxed atmosphere of one another’s homes.


Many couples attending a GDN for the first time confess that they experienced the most fun they have had in years with one another.  Refreshments are always served. Group date nights occur monthly.

Firehouse Family Ministries Singles Ministry HALO1 Young Adult College FFM



Whether single and content, or available and looking for "the one," HALO1 is a ministry designed to enlighten and inspire 18-30 year-old singles to fully embrace personal wholeness and completion in God while living a purposeful, exciting, and engaging spirit-filled life.



Singles who share the common goal of celebrating God’s Grace for contentment in singleness, as well as His faithfulness to manifest “the one,” get together for fellowship, food, fun events, and activities. Celebrations include discussions on strategies for contentment in singleness balanced with insights for marriage preparation.


Strategic sessions that address the unique needs of single parents, never married and divorced singles are offered periodically. 

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