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This is a ministry to mothers that provides loving care to their children ages 4 months to 3 years old, thus, enabling Moms to hear the Word without distraction. In keeping with the FFM core value, Educating youth of all ages, the Cuddle Bunnies care team members teach bible stories, assist with related arts or craft projects, provide feedings and diaper changes, entertain, pray for, distribute snacks, etc..

THE PREP CLASS (4-6 yrs)


The Prep Stage class is a transitional class that focuses on training and developing students for the next level. This class focuses on the practical as well as spiritual development of students. Children learn character enhancing stories from the Bible and how they relate to life today, ensuring the acquisition of keys to everlasting faith. 

THE DIRECT CLASS  (7-12 yrs)


The Direct Stage class is where students receive their core development in preparation for gradual independence in choosing to serve Christ. This class provides students with in-depth teachings and training about the Bible and ministry. Students conduct their own Worship Ministry, assist the teacher and serve each other in various roles. 



The Release Stage class focuses on teaching students to skillfully apply Godly principles to real-world challenges and experiences. Students are equipped to make Godly decisions regarding the many critical challenges that are unique to today's teens.


Sexuality, dating, relationships with the opposite sex and making choices based on knowing one's purpose are areas of emphasis on the 2nd Sunday of each month when Prophet Cori teaches this class.



Firehouse Anointed Beauties is an outreach that focuses on developing young ladies into virtuous women that are spiritually beautiful from the inside out. We coordinate FAB-ulous, fun events with a tasteful Christian BLING such as fashion shows, ettiquette lessons, swimming events, photoshoots, and movie nights.


Topics such as peer pressure, healthy friendships, and proper ettiquette are addressed from a Christian perspective. FAB promotes a healthy sisterhood and is designed to encourage genuine fellowship. At Firehouse, all young ladies are motivated to catch the fire and to be FAB-ulous! 

SWAG (SAVED WITH AMAZING GRACE) - (Boys & Girls 10-19 yrs)


Saved With Amazing Grace is our youth group that caters  to youth ages 10-19. We plan exciting events to give the youth a chance to fellowship and relax, as well as to serve our community and pour out God's Wisdom for everyday situations that youth encounter. We are equipping youth with a Christ-like mind, a "What Would Jesus Do?" attitude, and the grace to conquer the world's obstacles. At Firehouse Family Ministries, we want our youth to be on fire for God and to ignite the fires of others in our city and beyond.

FAMILY & ADULT MINISTRIES (United We Stand, H.A.L.O.1., Young at Heart)



US is a ministry that fortifies and enhances love, respect, communication and intimacy within marriages through dating and educating spouses in critical areas of relationship. US group date nights occur monthly and are hosted by alternating couples. Relationship skills are presented by a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and couples participate in problem-solving discussions in the relaxed atmosphere of one another’s homes.


Many couples attending a GDN for the first time confess that they experienced the most fun they have had in years with one another.  Refreshments are always served. Group date nights occur monthly.



Whether single and content, or available and looking for "the one," HALO1 is a ministry designed to enlighten and inspire 18-30 year-old singles to fully embrace personal wholeness and completion in God while living a purposeful, exciting, and engaging spirit-filled life.



Singles who share the common goal of celebrating God’s Grace for contentment in singleness, as well as His faithfulness to manifest “the one,” get together for fellowship, food, fun events, and activities. Celebrations include discussions on strategies for contentment in singleness balanced with insights for marriage preparation.


Strategic sessions that address the unique needs of single parents, never married and divorced singles are offered periodically. 

PRAISE & WORSHIP MINISTRY (Judah's Chariot, Feet of Fire, R.O.C.K.)



Headed by worship leader Calvin Marshall and chief musician Foster Dumas, Sr., Judah’s Chariots is a worship band with a harmony of voices that influences the deepest love for God in the people.  Performing original music, as well as popular contemporary praise and worship songs, Judah’s Chariots sets the tone for Sunday mornings. 

As the anointing of the Holy Spirit is ushered in through inspired songs of warfare, high praise and the sweetest worship on Sunday mornings, many have experienced answers to prayer, divine healings, releases of deliverance and prophetic utterances.

FEET OF FIRE Dance Ministry


Dance was created by God for His Glory alone. Feet of Fire dancers, led by Vickie Russell, respond in worship with dances that flow out of the music to enhance the worship experience. Whether spontaneous or choreographed ahead of time, the dance is always an intimate and more demonstrative form of worship.


This team ministers to God and also inspires worship in His people through enthusiastic praise, gentle worship and intense warfare dance. Through the dance we express adoration that glorifies God on many levels throughout our time of worship.




Representatives of Christ's Kingdom is a dance outreach ministry that enables youth as well as adults to express their innately energetic worship styles. This team ROCKs the house to the glory of God. The ministry is open to all ages and includes dance styles in the ranges of hip-hop, liturgical, and beyond. We believe as David did: as we dance for the Lord, our worship is increased.


Principles of discipline and character development are a focus during fellowships that prepare for performances. ROCK performs in church services, as well as community events and outreach venues. It is a wonderful thing to see worship to God expressed through dance. We encourage everyone to ROCK for the R.O.C.K.!

PRAYER MINISTRIES (Sunday Morning Intersessory Prayer,  IHOP 24-7 Intercessory Prayer Warriors)


The Sunday Morning Intercessory Prayer Team focuses on FFM's pastors and members. We pray that we may receive visitation from God and that His Holy Spirit will reign during our Sunday morning services. 



Intense, Hard-hitting, Oppositional Prayer ministry is 24-hr prayer line staffed by interceding prayer warriors who offer up faithful and fervent prayer to God immediately for those in crisis, emergency situations, or in dire need for divine intervention from God.


This unique outreach operates beyond the walls of the church to minister to the needs of hurting women in their homes and wherever there is an opportunity within the community. Team members set up and serve tea to guests invited by the lady of the house in a relaxed and informal environment, while sharing the Love of God through testimonies, and spending time in prayer for the guests. To host teapot Outreach with your family and friends as guests, call (504) 270-1461.




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