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Welcome to

Firehouse Family Ministries

We are real people offering the real love of God to the real world. 


Established in 1994, we are an event driven ministry focused on enhancing, fortifying, and sustaining the integrity of the modern family. Our goal is to impact singles, couples, and families with a revelation of their God-given strengths to enable them to experience the abundance of Kingdom living. We teach and preach principles of the Word of God under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and in an atmosphere of unconditional love, absolute acceptance, and through the generosity of God’s Grace.


Anchored by core values that guide all aspects of ministry, we seek to rescue souls and touch lives with the Saving Grace and Love of Jesus. We aim to spread the liberating news of hope for transformation and deliverance from bondages to sin, sickness and poverty throughout our city. Firehouse Family Ministries is an Apostolic Ministry, flowing with the Prophetic Anointing, engaging in Spiritual Warfare to impact the Whole Community.


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